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Customers Review LLFA Tape!

LLFA In-Box: 

We always love hearing from our customers, whether they be casual users of our product, or field technicians who use it every day.  It is exciting when we have to call a tradesman to our home for some maintenance and repairs, and we see a roll of LLFA Tape in his toolbox!

Here are a couple of our recent customer reviews.  We would love for you to try out our product!  Please comment or contact us if you would like to know where you can find our LLFA Solutions.

Customer Review #1 - From Andrew Stewart at Stewart house LLP:

"Good news! I was able to get under my deck to apply the tape - it worked perfectly!  I was really impressed by how well it works - easy to apply and no water seepage." - From Andrew Stewart 










Customer Review #2 - Electrical repair by Algonquin college construction student, Tim Hawkins

"We were changing the pump in the fountain in the parking lot. We couldn't take the wires out of the base of the fountain. so we had to take the base off. But the screws were stripped from the base of the rock fountain. So we either had to drill out the screws and put new screws into the concrete or cut the wire. We were thinking of trying to take the base of the fountain off even though it would be lots of work as we hadn't considered another solution.  When we bought the pump, it came with a plug that wouldn't fit through the hole in the top of the base of the fountain. So the only way we could install it was to cut the wire. So we decided to use the tape to repair the wire. Worked perfectly.

We used it in the kitchen there was a drain pipe that had a seal broken. They didn't have one that would fix it. So I wrapped it with the tape and it's all good and hasn't leaked since." 





GTG Engineering Canada would love to hear from you!  Please feel free to contact us anytime, either buy calling or e-mailing us. If you are a DIYer and just want to trial our product, you can find our strip packs under the Blue Monster name at Lowe's in the US, or under the Masters brand in 12 ft rolls or strip packs at Home Depot Canada.  You can also contact our Canadian distributor, GF Thompson for all locations where our extended line of LLFA products are sold.