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LLFA Tape Used to Secure Industrial Steam Leak

In an industrial oil pipeline, a high temperature leak occurred. Pressure and temperature of saturated steam is directly proportional to each other; the higher the temperature, the greater the pressure. [163 ° C saturated steam pressure is 0.6MPa; 260 ° C, saturated steam pressure is 4.7MPa]. The LLFA Tape has a stable operating temperature that…


Leaky Pipes in Old Home Repaired

Older homes are often known for their charms and quirks, and when well-maintained they can command a premium for buyers seeking history or craftsmanship. But ask anyone who owns a house built prior to 1950, and they can tell you just how hard it can be to keep it properly maintained and updated. One common…


ASTA BEAB Certified Cable Jointing Tests

A straight joint and branch joint spliced with LLFA Tape and LLFA Smooth have undergone type testing and successfully meet the requirements of BS EN 50393:2006! The test was performed in the United Kingdom by ERA technology in accordance with British Standard BS EN 50393:2006, which exceeds the requirements of the equivalent IEC standard (IEC…


Corroded and Exposed Water Pipe Repair

Several repairs using different products were unsuccessfully attempted on this corroded water pipe. Even a water activated resin bandage repair had failed as the pipe degrade, causing the leak to reappear. This time, LLFA Tape was tasked with the challenge of sealing the leak. After removing the defective resin repair, LLFA Tape was applied to…