#mynatgasjob – Get to know Anthony Dunkley!


Get to know Anthony, G.T.G.'s Director of New Business Development!

"Over the last few years, I have had the privilege to speak on the challenges associated with natural gas leaks and how they can be safely managed and repaired. In all sincerity, the people in the natural gas industry are the most genuine and gracious people I've ever worked with.  I refuse to believe that is only because utilities are not in competition with one another. From my personal experience, I believe there are extraordinary people in this business, and developing relationships with them has been the biggest highlight of my job.  Providing effective solutions is inconsequential without great references, and I am thankful to have both." - Anthony Dunkley

A bit about Anthony......
Anthony is responsible for new business development at GTG as well as liaising directly with Natural Gas Utilities to identify new solutions to enhance their response to emergency leak repair scenarios with LLFA solutions.

Anthony is a pioneer in introducing new, innovative solutions to organizations that have traditional processes. This includes the introduction of web-based financial data delivery to Brokerages with Moneyline-Telerate and the introduction of Board Portals for online Board Book access with companies, Diligent and Passageways.

We are so excited to have Anthony's intuition and many years of experience within changing markets, helping us develop and expand our product into the natural gas industry!  He has proven to be an extraordinary asset to our team!

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