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Seals live leaks up to 150PSI, on water, Air, and Steam.


Used by leading natural gas companies both locally and internationally.


Outstanding performance for high or low voltage insulation.


Provides an enduring seal under extreme environmental conditions.

From the “DIY” home handyman, to the professionally-trained industry technician, LLFA is an essential commodity in any repairman’s toolbox! It is an extremely versatile product with many different uses and functionalities.

The strength of LLFA makes it both a competent insulation solution and an invaluable puncture repair product. A punctured hose or pipe tightly wrapped with LLFA Tape will immediately withstand internal pressure because the fusing action takes place so quickly. It can stop nasty leaks without having to turn off the water source. (*For more information on how LLFA Tape works, click on the “Product” link).

Like an Olympic gymnast, LLFA Tape is strong (tensile) and flexible. These two characteristics are valuable for creating a long-term solution which helps ensure additional repair is not required. Even after a 20-year lab aging test, LLFA Tape remains strong.

LLFA Tape is both waterproof and heat resistant. Unlike LLFA Tape, other products are less effective in extreme cold or humid conditions. LLFA Tape maintains temperature stability and can be stored on the dashboard of your truck on the hottest day, or in your toolbox on the coldest night.

LLFA Tape is easily applied, durable and resilient. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic.

Get creative! LLFA Tape is a multi-purpose product with many functions. It can even be used for home DIY projects, such as making pot holders or wrapping around pan handles to prevent heat transmission. No matter how big or small the task, LLFA has a solution for you!

We are GTG Engineering


For over two decades, GTG Engineering has been striving to ensure our LLFA® products are well-designed, scientifically manufactured, and comprehensively tested to meet or exceed industry standards.

Our company’s primary goal is to establish product solutions that are safe and durable for practical application, while maintaining their long-term functionality and structural integrity.

GTG operates with numerous quality control measures in place to verify that our products are manufactured, packaged and distributed in a consistent, efficient and timely manner.

We adhere to commercial regulations and standard safety practices to ensure that our LLFA® solutions perform to the highest standards of excellence, while also providing value and profitability to our customers.


Latest News

LLFA® Tape used to seal a STEAM LEAK on a low pressure steam drain line at Nuclear Power Plant.

After GTG provided electronic information, verbal information and installation instructions, the Nuclear Power Plant personnel successfully sealed the above steam line leak. Below is an excerpted email from the Power Plant. “We spoke a few months ago regarding the use of your product here on site.  With your help, we were able to get it…


Turbine Oil Leak Repair, with LLFA Tape, made by JEA Northside Generating Station in Florida, USA

During an LLFA Tape demonstration, performed by GTG Engineering, Inc. at JEA, Northside Station, a request was made to repair a turbine oil leak. The leak was at the interface of a smaller diameter externally threaded pipe into a larger diameter internally (female) threaded pipe that was associated with a Primary Air Fan for a…


LLFA Tape Used for Sealing a City Gas Line Leak!

As we all know, access to clean water as well as properly maintained gas are basic necessities, but it is a huge task to keep all of the systems and infrastructure working. Without these, there are obvious implications, such as low access to potable water and higher incidences of water-related diseases.  Access to a suitable…