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"Excellence in Innovation"

GTG Engineering manufactures and distributes the revolutionary LLFA® products, which have changed the way industry insulates and seals gas, liquid, steam and electricity. It is an ideal solution for electricians, plumbers and natural gas technicians.

LLFA® has undergone rigorous independent testing and has proven to be resilient in extreme environments, as well as non-toxic and environmentally safe. For more information on LLFA® solutions, please click on the “Products” link.

As an organization, we strive to be thought leaders in our industry by listening to our customers and collaborating cohesively with them in order to find the best solutions for their specific challenges. Rather than simply selling a product, we seek to serve our clients by creating “solutions”.

We envision LLFA® Tape and its distributors to be synonymous with the word “transformation”, in that we seek to provide practical and unique solutions through custom applications and methods that best utilize our product while fitting the individual needs of our customer.

Founded and managed on strong ethical principles, delivering a product of high quality, value and performance is an essential part of the GTG trademark. Additionally, we operate a charitable organization that assists both local and international charities.