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ASTA BEAB Certified Cable Jointing Tests

A straight joint and branch joint spliced with LLFA Tape and LLFA Smooth have undergone type testing and successfully meet the requirements of BS EN 50393:2006!

The test was performed in the United Kingdom by ERA technology in accordance with British Standard BS EN 50393:2006, which exceeds the requirements of the equivalent IEC standard (IEC 61442 & 60502-1)!
The test was witnessed and certified by ASTA BEAB, the UK’s leading independent body for electrical testing and product safety approval.

The procedure consists of electrical baseline testing (continuity/resistance, insulation resistance, Hi-pot, etc.), followed by impact testing (see below), post impact test functional verification (underwater for 3 hours), thermal cycling in air (63 cycles), thermal cycling in water (63 cycles), post thermal cycling functional verification testing and final examination.

The impact test was performed by placing the LLFA® joint on a concrete slab and impacting it in the middle and on both ends with a 4kg wedge shaped steel block. The impacting edge of the wedge was dropped from a height of 1 meter onto the joint, so that the impacting edge was parallel and at right angles to the axis of the joint. After the impact test, the LLFA® joint was immersed at ambient temperature with a meter’s head of water. It remained in the water for three (3) hours after which the insulation resistance was tested and the result showed no change!