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LLFA forms an enduring seal that is suitable for low, medium and high voltage applications, for up to 69,000 volts and has been used to insulate jumpers on high voltage transmission lines. Just two layers of LLFA Tape has a dielectric value of up to 32 KV, and is suitable for many electrical applications including: insulating motor leads, joints, terminations and cable jacket repairs.

LLFA can be utilized to insulate and seal electrical cable splices where high and low temperature stability is needed, and where moisture, weather and radiation resistance is required. LLFA is specifically proven through independent lab testing to be reliable within the -90°C to 260°C or -130°F to 500°F temperature range.

Unlike LLFA, other products are less effective in extreme cold or humid conditions. LLFA maintains temperature stability and can be stored on the dashboard of your truck on the hottest day, or in your toolbox on the coldest day.

LLFA can also be used for jointing, harnessing, waterproofing and UV shielding. It is also suitable for burial, and is environmentally safe and non-toxic.