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Natural Gas

LLFA Tape was designed to seal leaks in harsh weather conditions and is currently used as a permanent repair for natural gas leaks by leading natural gas companies, both locally and internationally. LLFA can also be used as an emergency temporary repair by first responders.

LLFA Features include:
• Straight-forward application and minimal prep time
• Proven stable from -90°C to 260°C / -130°F to 500°F
• Maintains properties if exposed to CH4, H2S & O2
• Tensile strength: >1,200 PSI
• Leak sealing up to 150 PSI or 1 MPa
• Highly UV and Ozone resistant
• Simple removal; no sticky residue
• Environmentally safe solution that will not contribute to exterior pipe corrosion.

The strength of LLFA makes it both a competent insulation solution and an invaluable puncture repair product. A punctured hose or pipe tightly wrapped with LLFA will immediately withstand internal pressure because the fusing action takes place so quickly.

Unlike LLFA, other products are less effective in extreme cold or humid conditions. LLFA Tape maintains temperature stability and can be stored on the dashboard of your truck on the hottest day, or in your toolbox on the coldest night.