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LLFA tape is an ideal product for Telecom industry technicians. As it is comprised of self-fusing layers that form a long-term compression seal, it is able to maintain its properties, even under extreme environmental conditions.

LLFA is waterproof. LLFA’s specified water absorption is less than 0.5% (the requirement for most silicone based products is <3.0%). Based on the extremely low water absorption characteristic and its high tensile strength, water or moisture will not absorb through the tape or migrate along the cable jacket.

The strength of LLFA tape makes it both a competent insulation solution and an invaluable puncture repair product. A punctured hose or pipe tightly wrapped with LLFA tape will immediately withstand internal pressure because the fusing action takes place so quickly. It can seal leaks up to 150 PSI air and steam.

Unlike LLFA, other products are less effective in extreme cold or humid conditions. LLFA Tape maintains temperature stability and can be stored on the dashboard of your truck on the hottest day, or in your toolbox on the coldest night.

LLFA Tape is easily applied, durable and resilient. It is also suitable for burial, and is environmentally safe and non-toxic.