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LLFA Tape Used for Sealing a City Gas Line Leak!

As we all know, access to clean water as well as properly maintained gas are basic necessities, but it is a huge task to keep all of the systems and infrastructure working. Without these, there are obvious implications, such as low access to potable water and higher incidences of water-related diseases.  Access to a suitable water source does not necessarily mean access to clean water. Pipes can be rusted, corroded and contaminated, which can also create dangerous leaks in gas lines.  So in a country as heavily populated as China, maintaining proper city infrastructure can present a huge challenge.

On April 2nd 2018, a port in southwest China’s gas company used our products, LLFA Smooth and LLFA Tape, to seal the city’s main gas line.  It had been corroded and had an operating pressure of 7 kg.

Main-Repair-3For this task, the construction crew used LLFA Smooth to fill in the corroded areas for extra leak blockage, followed by the 2 inch-wide LLFA compression tape.  They also used a tensioner tool in order to pull the tape to it’s maximum tension for the most effective results. The finished repair was further protected by a fiber wrap.

In total, sealing this major leak on a main city gas line took 40 minutes to complete with effective results. Thanks to all the diligent city workers who help keep our water and gas lines free of leaks and corrosion!