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Pressure Sealing Skills Contest

In late October 2016, the "Foshan Gas Group" changed from their traditional methods of temporarily sealing pressurized leaks, to using LLFA Tape, a more permanent and reliable solution. They held a “pressure sealing skills” contest by creating a network of pipes with pressurized holes to seal.


Competition conditions: Each PE pipe measured 63mm in diameter, with a leaking pore size of about 8mm perforation, and nitrogen pressure of 2KG.

Competition requirements: Each competitor had to wind a roll of 1 inch wide (25.4mm) LLFA Tape by hand along a pipe, 10.91 meters in length.

Competition time: 20 minutes to complete.

Competition Rules:
1. The technician must start winding from one side of the leak, at least a tape width from the leak site. The first layer must be low tension, over the LLFA Smooth (another LLFA product, which is a Putty).
2. Create a full tension wrap over the center of the leak, forming an seal.
3. Using a half-lap method, overlap the tape when winding, without causing wrinkles in the tape. Each application must stay off the edge of the tape and be positioned as close to the middle as possible.
4. After completing a successful closure, the technician must wind a light tensile protective layer, covering the entire layer that has been sealed.
5. The total width of the seal layer must be 2 times the diameter of the pipe.

Leak Test: Test for leaks using Leak Soap.

Grading:  No leaks and must be successfully completed within the allotted 20-minute time-frame.

Teams: Six different gas companies participated.

Results: After three hours of intense competitions, five of the six teams completed the pressure sealing task within 20 minutes. This is the first contest of this kind within the Chancheng Gas Pipeline Network to achieve such successful results.

Through this skill competition, we recognized the need within the city’s gas industry for this new leak sealing technology, especially the high elasticity, long-lasting durability and safety of this product. LLFA Tape is a revolutionary product that has greatly enhanced the gas industry’s emergency operation capabilities and response times.


Published from: LLFA China 2016-11-14
Date: October 31, 2016
Location: Foshan Gas Group, Gaoming Branch