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LLFA® Tape

GTG Engineering presents a revolutionary new product, LLFA®  Tape, which is changing the way industry insulates and seals gas, liquid, steam and electricity. It is an ideal product for electricians, plumbers and natural gas technicians.

How it Works: LLFA® Tape can be applied on almost any surface material, from galvanized and cast iron to copper and all types of plastics or rubber. It contains no adhesive, so pulling the tape as tight as possible on all layers allows it to seal by compression. Once applied, LLFA® fuses with itself, thus forming a heavy duty bond or “rubber sheath” on the leak or connection. As its primary function is sealing through compression, there is no issue with adhesion and compatibility. It doesn’t lose its tension over time, even in harsh environments.

Some of LLFA® Tape’s unique features are:

  • It is comprised of self-fusing layers that form a waterproof, long-term compression seal.
  • Due to its remarkable properties, it is used to repair punctured water, air and steam pipes that are subject to pressure and temperature variants.
  • It is utilized to insulate and seal electrical cable splices where high and low temperature stability is needed, and where moisture, weather and radiation resistance is required.
  • Mechanically it provides an enduring compression seal that maintains its properties, even under extreme environmental conditions.
  • Can be used for both temporary and long term applications.
  • It is suitable for high voltage insulation and can also be used for jointing, waterproofing and UV shielding.

Although self amalgamating tapes have been on the market for many years, what sets LLFA® Tape apart from our competition is:

  • A stronger, faster-fusing seal.
  • Nearly 0% water absorbent.
  • Abrasion and tear resistant.
  • Easily applied, durable and resilient.



Seals live leaks up to 150PSI, on water, Air, and Steam.


Used by leading natural gas companies both locally and internationally.


Outstanding performance for high or low voltage insulation.


Provides an enduring seal under extreme environmental conditions.

Technical Specs

Temperature Range 90'C through to 260'C
Dielectric Strength 400VPM* LIFA® 40**,600VPM* LIFA 20,800VPM* LIFA® 12
Tear Resistance >130 PSI
Water Absorption << 0.5%
Elongation >325%
Track Resistance Will prevent electrical conduction along its surface.
UV Resistance Highly UV resistant.
Adhesion (Fusion) Standard requirement:"Tape shall not unwind more than 1.0 inch after 3 minutes with an attached load of 600g." Tape shall not unwind more than 1.0 inch after 3 minutes with an attached load of 600g.
Thermal Stability -90'C to 260'C continuous
Tensile Strength > 1200 PSI throughout temperature range.
Breaking Strength > 15 lbs.
Durometer Hardness 15 lbs
Acids and Alkaline No negative effect from brief exposure to acids and alkaline and can withstand submersion up to 3 days.
Corona Resistance Corona resistant; wrapping tension minimises voids in which corona exists.
Ozone Resistance Highly ozone resistant.
Self Extinguishing UL standard 94 rating V-0. Tested to IEEE383 and IEEE1212 for flammability - self extinguishes and will not propagate a flame.
Standard Compliance ASTM D2240, A-A-59163, ASTM D-149, ASTM D-412, MIL-I-46852, ASTM D2148, ASTM D3767 (LLFA® specifications meet other international standards not included in this list.)
*VPM = Volts Per Mil (1 Mil = 0.0254 mm)
** LLFA® 40 is a 40 Mil thick tape (40 Mil = 1.016 mm)