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LLFA Tape Used for Sealing a City Gas Line Leak!

As we all know, access to clean water as well as properly maintained gas are basic necessities, but it is a huge task to keep all of the systems and infrastructure working. Without these, there are obvious implications, such as low access to potable water and higher incidences of water-related diseases.  Access to a suitable…

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LLFA Tape Used to Repair Leak Due to Ice Dam on Roof

“We don’t just sell this product, we use it too!” In March of 2015, we had a serious flooding in the walls in our heritage home. During the winter, snow and ice had built up in the valleys of the roof, causing water and condensation to gather in the walls until our living room ceiling…

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Customers Review LLFA Tape!

LLFA In-Box:  We always love hearing from our customers, whether they be casual users of our product, or field technicians who use it every day.  It is exciting when we have to call a tradesman to our home for some maintenance and repairs, and we see a roll of LLFA Tape in his toolbox! Here…

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